All Eagle projects are completed as a team. From the intial planning phase, to the evaluation phase, to the actual production - it is truly a labor of love. As eagle scouts for life, we created this site because we understand what it takes to become an Eagle and we want to help others along the way. Let's help you become an Eagle Scout, or let's see how we can connect you to those in need of assistance.


  • If you are a soon-to-be Eagle Scout or a representative from a scout troop and you have a project to share, head over to our "Share Projects" page where you can access the submission form and let us know about your project. In turn, we will share it on our website here. By providing location information, other scouts or volunteers will be able to see your project, what stage it is in and what assistance is needed, and will be able to lend a hand.

  • If you are a scout who aspires to be an Eagle, a troop representative that wants to expose your scouts to Eagle projects, or an industry professional interested in providing assistance for volunteer work, please take a look at out "Search Projects" page where you may be able to find scout troops in your area in need of assistance with their Eagle Projects.


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Providing Support to the Scouting World

Communities across the world stand to benefit from creative, helpful projects. Often, the community organizations themselves don't have the funding or planning to accomplish certain projects - Eagle Scouts are able to bridge those gaps and provide solutions to these communities. In 2018, 52,000 scouts became Eagles which means that 52,000 projects were completed in benefit of a community in need. This culminated in a total of about 8 million service hours across the nation - to project planners, that's a savings of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Eagle Scouts have a massive effect on the world in which we live.

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Coaching Eagles Along The Way

Undertaking an Eagle project is a massive commitment that is as challenging as it is exciting. Scouts will acquire a wealth of project management experience throughout the process, as well as volunteer hours and portfolio materials for college and future job searching. Not to mention the coveted title of Eagle, which marks a major completion along the scouting journey. It's not some title you can acquire by luck nor renew with a yearly test - it requires merit. Above all benefits is the knowledge that: once an Eagle, you are an Eagle for life.


Assistance with Post-Production Plan Development


Providing An Opportunity to Get Involved

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